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2020 New Upgraded Saw Head Adjustable Reach to 15 ft Gas Pole Saw

gas pole saw for tree trimminggas pole saw for tree trimming

This Saw Head of MAXTRA 2020 Mold Pole Saw is Adjustable,Which Can Better Prune Branches in Different Shapes and Positions.Safer & Effort Saving!!


2020 Upgraded 90-180 Degree Cutting Head Adjustable Long Reach Chainsaw,Different Angles Suitable for Different Tasks

Why Choose Multi-angle Adjustable Pole Saw?

When you cut the branch which is high and steep, the fixed head pole saw doesn’t work well. Then you need a saw with a rotating head, which can adjust the angle according to the position of the branch. It can help you trim accurately and effectively The right cutting angle helps you save energy and reduce fatigue The extent of the cut can be clearly seen. When the branches fall, you can escape more timely. It can better protect your safety


Shipping Weight & Package Dimension: 27 LBs ; 65 x 12x 12 inch

Cutting Length: 10 Inch

Chain Guide Bar 10″, 3/8″ pitch, 043″gauge

Engine displacement: 42.7cc

Fuel mix 50 (fuel) : 1 (two-stroke oil)

Anti-vibration & EPA certificated

Max engine speed: 7500 r/min

Idling engine speed 3000 r/min

HighLight of MAXTRA 2020 Upgraded Gas Powered Pole Saw



Long Reach

Long Reach

Tool kits

Tool kits

carry bag

carry bag

Long Reach Chainsaw up to 15FT

Pole saw can be adjust from 8.2 to 11.4 FT. With user’s Height in consideration, it can cut branches 15 ft high

Chain Sharpener

We specially provide a chain sharpener. So, you can sharpen the chain by yourself. Don’t need to pay extra money to sharpen the chain

10 inch Cutting Bar

10 inch cutting bar can increase the cutting capacity, it can trim branches about 10 inch. And can help us finish tougher task efficiently and quickly!

Carry Bag

Comes with a carry bag! You can carry and store pole saw easily. It helpful to put all parts. So, don’t need to worry about nowhere to put the saw or being soiled by the dust

Choose MAXTRA, Choose Security & 100% Satisfied Shopping !

spare parts

spare parts



powerful engine

powerful engine

Spare Parts Available Without Extra Charge

If you need spare parts, please feel free to tell us via email ,we will arrange the replacement to you within 2 working days without extra charging in 1 year

We are committed to creating 100% satisfied shopping for our customers. Let your shopping get 100% protection, do not waste a penny

24 Hours Servise!

If you have any problem about the product, just tell us directly! Our support team will get back to you within 24 hours! Do not worry about that you will never get any help from sellers! We will always be there for you !

If you have problem in assembling or starting, please reach to us for user assembling video

42.7cc Engine

Powerful 42.7cc 2-cycle engine with Quick Start technology to make pull starts easy. It’s easy to operate and makes your work effortless and secure

It can cut branches about 10 inch thick easily.

gas pole sawgas pole saw

Multi-Angle Gas Pole Saw

[90-180° Multi-Angle Adjustable Cutting Head]: MAXTRA 2020 NEW MOLD! We upgraded the cutting head of the pole saw, which can 90-180 degree rotating. Multi-position ensure cutting precision, clean and safe. So that you will not be accidentally injured because can’t see the exact location and extent of the cut
[Reach 15ft &10” Cutting Bar]: Pole saw can be adjust from 8.2 to 11.4 FT with a 3.6 ft extension. It can reach to 15 ft with user’s height in consideration. So you don’t need to take risk climbing on the ladder or tree to trim the branches. 10” bar has a bigger cutting capacity than smaller bars, which is more time and effort saving
[42.7cc EPA Certified Engine]: MAXTRA engine has passed the EPA Certified, which means it will produce less waste gas and more safe in use. 42.7cc powerful engine can cut thicker branches and logs about 10 inch. It’s can finish tough tasks more efficiently
[Spare Parts& Maintenance]: We have 1 year WARRANTY! If any spare parts, using guide or trouble shooting needed, please contact us via email directly! This is the best and fastest way to help you solve the problem. Once receiving your email, we will arrange the replacement parts for you in 3 business days without any extra charge
[Accessories & Other Attachments]: We specially provide a carry bag for better storage, a shoulder strap to reduce fatigue in use and a chain shaper to sharp the chain after a period of use. If you need more attachments such as hedge trimmer; string trimmer; brush cutter please contact us or search the ASIN: B07NYPNZ5K