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Garwinner 62cc Chainsaw Engine 2 Cycle Chain Saw Equipped with a 18-inch Bar Length is Perfect of Your Garden Tree Wood Worker Trimming Cutting Tools Needs

Displacement: 62cc
Output power: 2.5kw 3.4hp 8500rpm
Bar Length: 20″
Saw Chain Pitch: 0.325(inch)
Saw Chain Gauge: 0.325(inch)
Fuel: Mixture(Gasoline25:Two-cycle oil 1)
Fuel Mix: 25:1 (25 parts fuel to 1 part two stroke oil)

1.Quick and easy chain adjustment.
2.Comfortable reduced vibration handle.
3.Huge power – direct air injection carburettor.
4.Auto chain lubricator, adjustable chain oil feed.
5.Easy and convenient to handle in any situation.
6.Balanced design for ease of use and maneuverability
7.Quick tension chain mechanism, integrated chain brake

How to use the chainsaw:
1.Pull the Throttle Control Drawbars to Close the Throttle
2.Push the Fflameout Switch to the Starting Position (I)
3.Pull the starting handlebar outward several times until there’s ignition sounds. Reset the throttle control drawbars and open the choke and start the handle repeatedly until the engine starts.
4.Press the Trigger and Release the Engine to Idle.
5.Place the Flameout Switch at (o) to Turn Off the Engine
Note: After the first ignition sound, closing the choke and repeatedly pulling on the start handle will suck in too much fuel and prevent the engine from starting.

What’s In Box:
1 X 20″ 325”72DL Guide bar
1 X 20″325” Saw chain
1 X Instruction Manual
1 X Chain saw installation step
1 X Guide for start-up of chain saw
1 X Tool kit
1 X 2L Fuel Mixing bottle

《The Ergonomic Anti-Vibration Handles:》-Garwinner Gas Chainsaw front and back anti-vibration Handles makes it comfortable to operate and control. The ergonomic design paired with the cushion wrap handle makes this chainsaw balanced, maneuverable, and comfortable to operate.
《Great Power & High Efficiency:》-Gasoline Chainsaw 62CC with 2-stroke motors for incredible power. Low kickback safety features, including built-in safety break, reduces risk during operation. Excellent & reliable ignition system: Electronic ignition for powerful smooth running.
《Air Filter & Automatic lubricating System:》-Garwinner 20″ Bar Gasoline Powered Chain Saw Equipped with a filtering system that guarantees long air filter life and reduced fuel consumption. Automatic lubricating system, reduces the friction between the quiding board and the chain, prolongs using life.
Garwinner Petrol Gas Saw with knob style of automatic tight function of chain, makes the chain installed simply and conveniently. wood cutting 2 stroke aluminum crankcase felling trees engine reduces both fuel consumption and gasoline emissions. The chainsaws Suitable conquer tree felling, wood cutting for lumberman’s in the forest or other use.
《How to Install Chain:》-The first step Open the side cover; The second step Check the saw blades, which are fixed with a cover on the clutch; The third step Installation saw chain,Pay attention to the direction of the knife; The fourth step A brake shoe moves to the side. Carefully watch the grooves that create the tension of the chain part; The fifth step Close the side cover and adjust the tightness of the chain saw, which is about 0.4-0.6 inch; The sixth step Locking side cover.